Republic Day Art


In India, Republic Day 2019 will be celebrated on 26th of January, at Saturday. India will celebrate its 69th Republic Day. It has a great importance in the history as it tells us about each & every struggle of Indian freedom. Let your kids & children know about the history of celebrating Republic Day through the use of simple crafts or meaningful activities.
Need some Republic Day craft for kids and children at your home or school?? Then here’s a unique craft for you.
Honouring my Indian readers, this week I’m gonna do a craft related to Republic Day.


• Two papers, 1 blue colour paper
• Paper Cutter
• Acrylic colour
• Paint brush
• Glue
• Waterproof gel pen(black)


1. Take a printout of India map and using gel pen darken the outline.
2. Again draw thick outlines of the map.
3. Cut out the white parts inside the outline.
4. Take another paper for background. Draw the boundary on that Paper.
5. Now draw pictures of some great leaders and army inside the boundary.
6. Using paint brush, sprinkle the colours on the paper in the form of India flag.
7. Attach the cutted paper map over the painted paper.

8. Take a blue paper and cut it in circle shape and then cut the inside part to form Ashoka Chakra.

9. Place this Chakra on the Paper you made before.

This is all and you’re done.

See how easily you can make this in few hours.

Do this at your home or for school exhibition and get praises.

How you felt on making this,do comment below and you can share your own creation also.

JAI HIND!! 🙏 🇮🇳

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