Paper Sculpture Making


Paper Sculpture is an art in which different types of paper were combined or shaped to give a beautiful outlook. Creating a paper sculpture is very difficult process because you have to ensure the stability & permanence of artwork. But,once if you start making it,you will feel like making it again & again.

In today’s article, I will show how to make paper sculpture. Many artists use many different things to do paper sculpture. It all depends on your imagination.
The artwork which I will do is Layered Paper Sculpture in which the papers are not shaped nor folded,only the paper have been cutted & fixed to give a real view.
I’ll be doing my art of ‘The Space Needle,’ Seattle.
So,let’s start!!

Materials Required:

●Color paper or craft paper
●Paper photo frame(you can use any other frame)
●Double-sided Tape
●Olrada Detail Pen Knife
●Cutting Mat
●Plane paper(To draw the picture)

How to make:

1. First of all,take a paper and cut it according to the inside part of the frame. Now,draw the picture which I have done.

2. For background part in which Seattle is written, take an orange color paper & cut off the word Seattle. Now,stick a yellow color paper on the back part of Seattle cutting. Refer the below images:

3. See the above 3rd image,in which letter ‘e’ and ‘a’ are incomplete(middle part is blank).So,to fill the blank spaces,cut out some small pieces to fix it on the letters.Refer below image:

4. After that divide the parts of the picture into four layers to avoid confusion. See the below image:


Here I’ll only discuss about Layer 1 because the steps for making other three layers are same as Layer 1.
Note:Only see the top part of the buildings not the bottom part,because all the bottom part buildings are behind each other.

5. Making of Layer 1:

In Layer 1,there are two types of designs(building).First three buildings are behind Layer 2.

The 4th building of Layer 1 is free from other buildings.

6.First I’ll show how to make the 4th building.Simply,take a tracing paper & place it on the paper.Using a pencil,trace the picture as much as you need.Once you have finished tracing the picture,remove the picture from underneath the tracing paper.Turn the tracing paper over a color paper so that the tracing is face down and the blank side of the paper is facing up.

7.Again trace the required picture with pressure onto the color paper.Gently remove the tracing paper when you have completed tracing the drawing.Now,cut the paper out of color paper and fix it on previous cutter paper.

8.As the building have some designs,again using tracing paper you can trace the picture & cut out the paper and glue it as shown in the below image:

9. Now come to the first building of Layer 1 which is behind Layer 2.Using tracing paper,trace the lines of the 1st building upto the 2nd building. Turn the tracing paper over a color paper,trace the image with pressure & cut out the paper.For other design, follow same steps.

10.After completing your cutting, arrange all the cutting in one place and keep the picture drawn by you on your side.
Now,attach Double-sided tape on the back side of the cutting and fix it on their places as shown in the below image:

Like this, make all the layers and carefully put one by one.Here’s the layered image:

Finally, you are done.
Always remember one thing,whenever you are doing paper sculpture,keep your rough picture by your side.
Hope so,you enjoyed this paper sculpture making. 😊
Let me know by commenting below.

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