Quilling Glue Tips


I’ve been doing Paper Quilling for almost 6 years. Within these years I’ve done many experiments using different types of glue. So,I thought of sharing my experiences through this post. I’ll mention the glues that I’ve tried. There is a reason for sharing about glue which you will know in my upcoming blog post.
Basically, any paper glue or craft glue will work good for paper quilling. But according to your quilling work you have to choose the glue.
I’m going to share different types of glue with some pros and cons.

1)Fevicol MR:

You must be familiar with this adhesive glue which is mostly used for craft purpose. Yes, this glue can be used for paper quilling also.
It has high bonding strength, so used to bond materials like Paper, Cardboard, Polystyrene, etc. You can also use this on Quilling jhumkas for glossy look.
Only one thing I don’t like about this glue is that it sticks on fingers and form a patch. If you will not remove the glue patch then it will stick on paper ruining your beautiful art work. So, it’s better always you keep a damp cloth near you so that whenever glue will stick on your finger then just remove it using damp cloth.

2)Fevicol SH Synthetic Resin Adhesive:

O o o… what will I say about this. This glue is just waoo product 😁 . Basically it used in furniture industry but I use for Paper quilling because it has unsurpassed bonding strength.
Using this glue you can make 3D Quilling( Click here for 3D Quilling art) or wood/paper photo, cardboard or anything which you want to be long lasting. I have made one photo frame using this glue, Click here
to see that. You can also use this glue inside quilling dome. By using this,your quilling dome will become strong.

Quilling dome

So, whenever you will make a 3D quilling then just use this glue.
But remember one thing, this glue is thicker than Fevicol MR. So be careful while using this and keep damp cloth near you to wipe out the glue.

3)Fevicryl Fabric Glue:

I know that you must be thinking that it is a fabric glue then how to use for paper quilling. This glue is just for glossy look on quilling jhumkas/earrings. Otherwise it is mainly used for sticking sequins, beads, glitter dust, ribbon, etc.

4)Krafty glue:

This glue is amazing for any paper art. It dries quickly on applying on paper while others don’t. For joining quilling strips use this glue.

So these are the basic glue which I use. But there are some other glue which you can use. I’ll only mention their names & small description:-
Elmer’s Extra Strong Glue-It is a needle-nosed bottle. This means you can use this according to your required amount and also hands will not get gluey & messy.

Aileen’s Tacky glue- This is good for heavy work, 3D quilling also.

•Faber Castel White glue– This glue can be used for making different quilling steps, edging work,etc. You can use it for Quilling dome also.

Hope now it’s easier for you to choose the glue according to your work. If I’ve not mentioned any glue which you know will work good then mention it in the comment box.
Feel free to comment and giving some tips which will be helpful for new artists!! 😊

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  1. Sneha K says:

    Hi Geentanjali,
    Can the Fevicol SH glue be used for coating over the figure as well? Can it be mixed with water for a strong coat?


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