Quilling Rose


Rose is such a flower that everyone likes.People have been passionate about roses since the beginning of the time.But roses cannot be used always.So,thankfully we can re-create roses with the help of paper.
Before starting this tutorial, only one thing I’ll say that many artists have different ways to make paper roses.So,you can refer to any other blogs to check which way is better and easy for you.
Let’s start the tutorial.

Materials required:

•Quilling strip
•Slotted quilling tool
•Fevicol or crafty glue
*If you want to make small roses,use a less wide quilling strip.
*If you want big roses then use a wider quilling strip of 9 mm or 10 mm.)

Steps for making rose 🌹 :

1.Insert your quilling strip into your slotted quilling tool and roll it 2 or 3 rounds around the tool.

2.Now,fold the paper downwards at a 90° angle,pressing the fold firmly.

3.Continue rolling the paper onto the quilling tool.

4.Scroll the paper tightly around the base of the tool but allow the top flare open.
5. When you have used-up the quilling strip,take the rose off the quilling tool.

6.Place it’s face down on the table and allow the rolls to unfold little bit.
7.Now,arrange the folds to get a perfect looking rose and glue the loose end and layers of the rose. Then gently push the layers back together into a rose shape.

Finally,you are done! 😊

Final image of rose
Like this I’ve different types of roses.

You can use these Quilling roses on the top of the gift boxes or on greeting cards. Mmm…I think,I should make a quilling greeting card for my next blog.. 😎
And lastly,you can make Quilling rose earrings,finger rings,etc.
Hope,you liked today’s tutorial. 😊

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Loved ur tutorial..I'll also try this ��


  2. Maindi Murmu says:

    Nice tutorial…


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